The Law of Non-Engagement

The Law of Non-Engagement

The Universal Law on Non-Interference may perhaps best explain the meaning of justice. Without that we will always wonder why certain things are considered right or why some things are considered wrong. This universal law applies to all aspects of life, including human relations and the specific legal system. As the spirit of man, this law binds us all. However, it is to our advantage. The universal law on non-interference is our only password for eternal freedom, for without that we should always be entangled in the karma network.

In addition, interference is actually a complete impossibility in the universe. If we do not disturb disturbances (and then we can not call that disturbance anymore), we are only left with what we create for ourselves or create with others. In fact, since nothing and no one can exist in true isolation, co-creation is all there is. In addition, all persons involved in co-creation have given their consent to what is happening to them and to everyone else.

The perception of injustice, regardless of area or form, is based on the concept of interference. That means there are people out there, situations, laws, organizations, communities or even entire nations that have the power to prevent me from meeting my needs and wishes or affecting me. From an early age, we have learned that there has always been and continues to be great injustice in this world. By opening a storybook we encounter event after event telling about relentless bloodshed and tremendous suffering in almost all communities who have lived on this planet. Millions of apparently innocent people have lost their lives because of war fought by greed for more land and worldly influence, or through crime and terrorism.

We have come to believe that many people out there only have one thing in their mind, that is, stealing from others to enrich themselves. In addition, a large number of them do not even lose the lives of others in gaining access to more possessions or greater amounts of power. Some just want revenge for the iniquities they believe have been committed to them or their loved ones.

The latest 9-11-2001 landmark assault on thousands of civilians of terrorists using commercial jet weapons as weapons of mass destruction appeared to have been one of the most meaningless acts of hatred seen in history, beyond human understanding. There are scandals that appear in all sectors of society and reveal how some people with dissatisfaction can manipulate and cheat the rest of us. Drugs cartels have infiltrated both poor and rich parts of society, even with children as cheap distributors of life-changing drugs. Millions of innocent children are victims of slavery or used as prostitutes. The stories of injustice in this world seem endless. From the simple task of stealing chewing gum in a grocery store to the extensive exploitation of the world's poorest countries seems unjustly infiltrated everywhere.

Born in Germany nine years after World War II, I witnessed the painful aftermath of the war and the powerful division of my family and my country into two parts, and so I learned to believe in injustices like everyone else did. In addition, I felt so ashamed of what Nazi Germans had done to the rest of the world that I could not wait to leave Germany after high school. For years, I tried to hide my German identity and free me from all that had to do with my country.

If someone had told me that there was no injustice in this world, I would have said they were incredible. they would need to be someone who lived in a fantasy world of peace and harmony. Today I can not but think differently. I am aware that this is one of the most challenging concepts to understand and accept, but it is also one of the most liberating, and it may be the only one who makes the right sense.

Irregularity is an illusion that is currently in the process of demystification. Already, the old systems to maintain fair crumbs. Law and order are still kept, but laws can not guarantee justice. Many nations have had a high degree of law and order, but at the same time there were their great injustices.

Manmade laws are strongly needed in a time when polarity thinking dominates the collective consciousness of the population. As long as we spread the idea that there is a right to an error in the atmosphere of collective thinking through our own thoughts and actions, we fundamentally create injustices in this world. If this most basic form of judgment - to see one thing right and another wrong - ceased to dominate our consciousness, there would be much less unfair about us. This actually happens already. Man-made teams are gradually replaced by the Natural Laws and an increasing number of people are looking at nature, the natural environment and the spirit of knowing how to live their lives.

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